What do the planets say?


Progressions can last anything from months to years, and these may stretch into hundreds of years making them essentially perpetual when one considers the relatively short lifespan of a human. The charts of companies, and other entities like countries, can obviously be active for a lot longer than humans.

They are considered to be more powerful than transits because they last so long. There are two kinds of progressions that Magi Astrologers use. The first is taking every day after birth to represent a year in the life of whatever is represented by the birthchart. In this way the chart for 30 days after the birth is the chart for the 30th year in the life of the person (or entity) in question.

The other type of progression is taking the progressed chart just mentioned and using that as a transit chart by laying it over the birthchart and seeing how they interact (i.e. what aspects exist between them).

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