What do the planets say?


The chart of the day you were born is your natal or birth chart, but the planets are continually moving. As they move they interact with the positions of where the planets were when you were born. These are called transits and the power of a transit gets stronger the closer it gets to the end date, with the last three days usually the most powerful.

It is much like the sound a car makes when it drives past you. The sound gets louder and more intense as it gets closer to you, with the loudest or most intense when the car is closest to you. Yet, as soon as the car passes the sound fades very quickly.

Transits are signs and I advise people to just carry on with life, but be aware of things. It's like driving along and you see a sign that warns of danger (falling rocks or an uphill) or of easy and smooth driving (perhaps a downhill). You aren't going to stop driving, but you're just aware of the road ahead and this helps you to plan and be prepared.

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