What do the planets say?

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One major difference between Magi Astrology and most other forms of astrology is that we use four charts. Other astrologers only use one. Learning about these four charts is essential.

The symbolisms of the planets are very important to all astrologers. However, the symbolisms that Magi Astrologer's use is slightly different to those used by most other astrologers. Learning the symbolisms of the planets is the one of the first steps in learning Magi Astrology.

The aspects that occur between the planets are primary for Magi Astrologers. The aspects are used by all astrologers, but Magi Astrologers view some of the aspects differently to most others.

Planetary geometry is the different shapes made by three or more aspects joined together. These are considered extremely important in Magi Astrology and is one of the first things a Magi Astrologer looks at when analysing the charts.

Midpoints are used by other astrologers and are a more advanced subject of study. Some of the midpoints are considered to be crucial and are usually included when analysing the charts.

The birth chart never changes, but the continually moving planets interact with it. These interactions are called transits and are a great tool in understanding what's going on at any point in time. Transits are essential tools in deciding when the best time is to do things (like start a new business/job or get married).

Progressions show long-term influences in the charts and these may last for over 100 years. They give an understanding of the setting or context of a person's life. Progressions are also important when dealing with non-living entities such as marriages, companies and countries.

A sceptical approach to knowledge is an important aspect of critical thinking. However, it is absurd for anyone to make a judgement of something they know very little about. This is like saying you hate the colour blue because an older sibling once told you that blue is ugly and stupid. You can only make informed decisions when you know the relevant facts. Many of the things sceptics have against astrology are based on ignorance of the subject.

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